A Mother’s Help in the Success of Her Teenage Daughter

You may think of the over things when your teen-ager daughter is still a little girl who always follow you around then you will reflect and say to yourself that your little girl really grow up so fast. Over the times, when was still a little girl, she has been depending on you on almost the things that are very easy to do and you just do whatever she request without any uncertainties. Now that is she has transformed herself into a lady, some of the gifts you gave her during her childhood days like dolls and stuffed toys won’t amaze her anymore, it has been replaced with gadgets like mobile phones, MP3 players and laptops. And For most ladies at the teenage years wants some freedom and they do not want the mom would always show her care in front of her friends.

There are times that your teenage daughter wants to be alone but that are just only her facade. She wants to talk to you in the adolescent stage because she has a lot of queries in her minds and needs answers to give her understanding and enlightenment. At this time also, she does not want a provider but a friend. A mother is always the one who knows best.

Living the teenage life is a roller coaster ride, there plenty of ups and downs during this time. She may be concerned with her image and figure, her peers and her puppy love. As a mother, you should be able to guide your young lady about these things; you should be always at reach so that she could always open up to you. A mother is all she needs; you are her friend, a mother and most specially a role model.

There are seven things that you should keep and these are the following:

Be Hands-on to Her
Try to tell her that there are circumstances that will turn out against her, teach her on how to become more responsible for her actions and her own choices. Also tell her that blaming others is not a good thing; it is important that she always have an insight on what is happening to her. By this way, you can be able to know more about your daughter.

Start at the Bottom Line
Help her create her own values in life so that she will know her personal mission. This will help her in finding her path and her decision making skills.

The First Thing
Setting up priorities should also be taught to her in order for her to gain focus on the important aspects of her life. This will help her in reflecting what she is the things that matters most in her life.

Both Parties Should Win
Give her an example on why things should be in a win-win example, it is not at all times the one should win and the other part will lose. It is a good environment that both parties will benefit on the situation.

Be Understanding
She should weigh things carefully whenever she makes decision; she should be able to understand both sides of the story first. As the saying goes, Understand first in order to be understood, this clearly explains that she should be able listen and communicate her feelings.

Brighten Up Her Room
Since your girl is a teenager, this clearly implies that she always wants to be alone and lock herself inside her room. You can do a little makeover in her room, you can definitely by her fixtures from Skyline Furniture or you may enhance her childrens bedroom sets by having fashionable and trendy accessories.

Remind Her Always
Do not fail to remind her that she is beautiful in all aspects it maybe, so that she will continue to take care of herself inside and out.